A common sense approach to energy conservation for your business or home.

Complete energy analysis
For your Business

A comprehensive look at your business energy consumption to identify usage patterns and to find the truly cost effective savings opportunities. We identify opportunities that make sense for business.

Complete energy analysis
For your Home

Have an independent energy audit for your home. No products to sell, just unbiased advice.


I keep a sporadic but somewhat informative blog which you should read.

Check the capabilities page for some further information about me and what I can offer.

About Building Diagnostics

Building Diagnostics was founded in 2001 by Bill Smith. After years operating a business in the building trades it was time to dig in deeper: into building science; into green building practices; into making buildings work for their occupants.

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Via email; or cell phone 603-568-9404 Important note: after 4 years of zero use the fax# is no more

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